Dominican Republic

Find out where you can sponsor a child in the Dominican Republic

When you sponsor a child with SOS Children, you will receive updates twice a year directly from the country you are sponsoring in. Here is an example child sponsorship letter from Los Mina, Dominican Republic:

Dear Sponsors,

dominican-republic-primaryschool-los-mina.jpgThis half of this year passed between school, recreation and family activities, special occasions such as national holidays, carnival, valentine’s day, mother’s day, among others, and we want to share some information with you, because without your generous support this would not be possible.

In our SOS Children's Village Los Mina there currently are 17 families, with 90 boys and 52 girls for a total of 142 children and youth.

Since the school year ended we had over 93% of school effectiveness for children and youths. Some of them do extracurricular courses such as English, computer repair, electricity, styling and secretariats.

We made several trips to beaches where the whole community was involved. Many of the children and youth went on holiday with their biological relatives. Others went on outings with their SOS mothers for shopping, watching movies, etc.

We are working with the families of origin, as we believe it is important that children and youths know their roots and keep the bond with their biological relatives. Within this framework, we have the challenge to form a strong team consisting of SOS mothers and SOS aunts committed, and employees motivated with the work they do.

Maintenance work was conducted in the village: we fixed and painted the interior of some houses, tasks that the youth of the village helped in. In some houses we changed closets and waterproofed the roofs. Similar changes were made with mattresses, blankets, and sleeping quarters of the houses.

We take this opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks for their generous support and best wishes.

With many greetings,

SOS Children's Village Los Mina


100% of child sponsorship donations with SOS Children are used for the care of children.