An example child sponsorship letter from David, Panama:

Dear Sponsors,

Children from David, PanamaReceive a friendly greeting from the children of SOS Children's Village David. This year we have started with a population of 107 boys and girls. Including a small group of nine children, that made their merry entry to the village in the month of March.


We had some departures of children that have returned to live with their original biological families, because their families have committed to support and care for them. They have visited and have seen so far that they are well and continue their studies as when they were living in the SOS village.

Also the number of children living in the village has decreased because several youths, boys and girls, have started this year their life in the SOS Youth Homes, both in the boys home as in that of girls.

The classes in secondary and primary schools of the country started in March, therefore all children and young people in age to attend school once again began to wake up early to arrive to school on time.

Gone is the summer with its recreation activities: field trips, fairs and sports. Now there is another great challenge ahead to achieve, which is to approve the school year. Now, again is common to see school transport to reach to the door of the village to pick their young passengers.

The first day of classes, the little ones walked very excited by the hand of their SOS mothers and aunts to take the bus, as they were accompanied for the first time to the school: to be introduced to the teachers and to know the place. The following days many of the older siblings took care to accompany them to their classroom doors. This inspires confidence in them.

Child sponsorship David, PanamaAnd when they return in the mid-morning or midday, depending on the school grade that they attend, the houses are converted back into an uproar of uniforms and books. The children, in order of arrival, get to the bathroom shower to cool off and take their uniforms to the laundry for cleaning.

After taking their food and rest, especially the small ones, do their homework taking advantage of the afternoon when the sun is stronger, so when the weather has cooled, they will go out without any problems to play in the village’s playground. But the truth is that the playing hours have been shortened for the time they must be devoted to their homework and studying.

It is also common to see teens going to the entrance of the village with their notebooks, ready to go to cyber cafes (internet places) to do their homework or as well to make a purchase of supplies to bring the following day to their classes.

And there is not someone left that isn't already thinking about what she or he is going to do on their mid-year holiday when barely their school time have started. The excuse is that as only there are two weeks for their mid-year holiday, if you do not think about what to do, the time will be wasted and when they realize, it has been finished already. 

The weekends are to attend to the groups to which they belong. Therefore it is very common that in a Saturday mornings is not nearly the half of children in the village. At that time they are attending Scouts, Girl Guides, and soccer trainings, among other activities.

Sundays are approached to go out as family, especially after mass when the opportunity is taken to go to the city park, to get an ice cream and sometimes even for lunch outside.

In short this is a brief summary of everyday life and the events that occur in the SOS Children's Village David. Aspects that could be considered as common for anyone, but could not take place without the support of people like you.

So once again, we thank you for your support and we encourage you to continue offering the opportunity to lead a normal and quiet life to children under the care of SOS Children’s Village.

SOS Children´s Village David


100% of child sponsorship donations with SOS Children are used for the care of children.