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Sponsor a child in Asia

Girl peeking out, CV Bhopal, IndiaAsia has suffered many natural disasters in recent years, including the Asian tsunami, Kashmir earthquake, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Because of these crises, as well as poverty and disease, there are thousands of orphaned and abandoned children across the Asian continent.  

In Asia, SOS Children provides long-term and loving care for over 27,000 children in 149 SOS Children's Villages. When you sponsor one of these children, you ensure they grow up in family home, surrounded by a supportive community.

“I've sponsored a child for 20 years now, and think that SOS do a fantastic job around the world. I especially like the idea of a charity that enables children to live according to their own culture and religion."

- Cathy, who sponsors in Nepal

Where can you sponsor a child in Asia?

Click on a country in the map below to learn more about sponsoring a child in that country. 

Asia map 2013 Georgia Azerbaijan Armenia Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan China Mongolia South Korea Philippines Indonesia Cambodia Vietnam Laos Thailand Bangladesh Nepal India Sri Lanka Pakistan


In Africa, where HIV/AIDS is rife, SOS Children works to educate and care for people affected by the disease.