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When you sponsor a child with SOS Children, you will receive updates twice a year directly from the country you are sponsoring in. Here is an example child sponsorship report from Bogra, Bangladesh:

Dear Sponsors,

SOS School Bogra BangladeshAt this time of the year, we would like to describe once again concerning latest progress about SOS Children's Village Bogra and its ancillary projects.
SOS Children’s Village Bogra is located in a bit hilly area and the buildings are designed and made appropriate with land pattern. The whole area is very lovely and worth seeing. The Village has 10 family houses (total 52 boys and 59 girls), community house, community centre, co-workers’ quarters, social centre and a college.

Most of our children successfully passed their last Annual Examination and are doing well with their studies in respective classes. All the children, mothers, aunts and co-workers participated in Annual Picnic held at Saudia Park, Sherpur, 40 kilometers away from SOS Children’s Village Bogra. The park is worth seeing and the surrounding area of this park bears many historical evidences. Everybody especially the children enjoyed the programme and at the same time gathered new and rich experiences. The day was a memorable one.

Our girls participated in School Sports Competition of National Level and won championship in Volleyball tournament like last year. The news was highlighted in all the Daily Newspapers of the country. A girl became champion in National Tennis Competition (below 14) both in singles and doubles.

SOS Youth Home

At present, 25 boys are residing in SOS Youth Home Bogra. All the boys are attending different educational institutions from class-VI to class-XII. Besides, 15 boys are living outside the Village: among them, 10 boys are studying in different university and colleges, 4 boys are studying in Vocational Training Centre Dhaka and another one is taking training on tailoring. We have organized different programme for our boys to ensure career direction and develop positive vision among them. We invited renowned personality from different professions to deliver lecture in these programmes. Part time teachers are engaged in special coaching from Basic English and Mathematics for our boys. English language and Computer training programmes are running smoothly. 

SOS Social Centre

SOS Social Centre Bogra is providing humanitarian services to the under privileged mothers and children like SOS-families to the very needy families of the community around SOS Children’s Village Bogra. SOS Social Centre has several programmes like Day Care Centre, Basic Clinic, Skill Training Wing, Special Support Programme (Incidental/Special case), Emergency Relief Programme, Tree Plantation Programme, various awareness Programmes etc.

SOS College

SOS College Bogra was established to provide educational facilities to our children as well as pupils of neighboring areas. Owing to the brilliant academic and co-curricular performances this has attained reputation throughout the country. Every year we experience a mad rush of parents and guardians to admit their wards in our College. The present number of students in different classes in the College is 632. Different important National Days, SOS Day etc. are observed in the College with due solemnity.

Family Strengthening Programme

As child welfare organization, SOS Social Centre is pledge bound to ensure the child rights among the beneficiaries through the Family Strengthening Programme. It includes education, health, food-stuff and medical facilities to the selected children. We fulfill the demand of educational requirements like monthly school fees, examination fees, stationery etc. to the beneficiaries. Special coaching for weaker children is provided to cope with the school’s syllabus. The selected children are vulnerable and their caregivers are unable to provide sufficient meals to the children even sometimes they have to skip their meal. We fulfill the demand of food among selected children by providing rice, salt, lentil and edible oil in every month.

With regards and best wishes.

Very sincerely yours,

SOS Children's Village Bogra


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