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When you sponsor a child with SOS Children, you will receive updates twice a year directly from the country you are sponsoring in. Here is an example child sponsorship letter from Battambang, Cambodia:

Children from Battambang, Cambodia

Dear Sponsors,

It is my pleasure to write to you and tell you more about the life at the SOS Children’s Village Battambang. We hope you enjoy reading and knowing more about the families and their lives at the village.

Up to date we have provided a family to 148 children of which one of them have been embraced this year. He has been provided with all necessary needs so he always feel belong to his family. He can later overcome the trauma of losing his environment, friends and family from where he comes. He has found in the SOS Children’s Village Battambang a loving home. The youngest child is about 5 months and the oldest child is 13 years old. We have been organising Khmer Traditional Dancing and Khmer Traditional Music every Thursday & Sunday, football training every Thursday, drawing on Thursday. We organize English class in village for elementary level everyday. Simultaneously they also study outside the village for the beginner class everyday.  They all enjoy studying all this Programme.

The SOS Battambang School is near the village.  The SOS Battambang School & SOS Nursery provides education to our children and the children from the neighbourhood. The SOS Nursery is in the village and you can hear children laughing in every group. This is a place which is never quiet! Up to 105 children between the ages 3-6 attend SOS Nursery. The availability of suitable classrooms, game and toys ensures that the children are given the optimum conditions for developing their social, intellectual and creative skills and they are prepared for the primary school.

Family Strengthening Programme is supporting 134 beneficiary families (215 children) with education nutritional medical and hygiene care. Now they have known about the important of the education, health and sanitation.

The SOS mothers and aunts from the SOS Children’s Village are regularly receiving literacy training programme in order to help reinforce their level of understanding, improving their work and responsibilities and allowing them to better support their children’s care and education. They also received training on the SOS Village manual and Child Protection Policy for better understanding.

In order to make children more interested in their life, we always promote their developments, activities and events which organized within and outside the village.

On the 1st June, International Children’s Day a joint entertaining activity was arranged at SOS Nursery in village. All mothers, children and co-workers participated in the event. All the children get up early to made up and dress up neatly. All children enjoyed playing with many game such as banana eating competition, pair running competition and dancing game competition. There were many question relating to the rights of the children are prepared for the children. They can answer all the questions. They also received the gifts from the committee. They all were joyful and know well about the International Children’s Day.

On the vacation, we organized two trips one for family trip and other one for outstanding children trip. The family trip went to visit Angkor Wat temple and other interesting place in Siem Reap province which is located 198 kilometers west of Battambang. Angkor Wat temple is the famous temple in the world that built by the old general Khmer people with the best architectures and sculpture and a lot histories of Khmer ancient on the wall of temple. The trip took of two family houses, left in the early morning, and arrived back in the evening. All children and mothers looked around Angkor Wat temple and Bayon temple for the whole morning and then had launch together in afternoon on the top of Baray lack which far away for Angkor Wat temple about ten kilometers. Moreover, we took all of them visited the Love of Suborn garden which is the best garden that has a waterfall, a lot of flowers and statues in Banteaymeanchey province.

On the other hand, outstanding children trip went to visit Sihanuk Ville in Kampongsom province about 530 kilometers from Battambang for four days and we stayed for two days in SOS Children’s Village Phnom Penh. All of them enjoyed seeing and swimming on the sea for many hours. Furthermore, they visited Kbalchhay to see the waterfall. Children enjoyed eating any kind of seafood and they were excited by the beauty of nature and the sea that all of them never seen before.  These trips provided educational to our children and relax from their study.

Your kind help enables us to do work. Therefore on behalf of all us I would like to thank you and convey our gratitude and appreciation.

Yours Sincerely,

SOS Children's Village Battambang


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