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When you sponsor a child with SOS Children, you will receive updates twice a year directly from the country you are sponsoring in. Here is an example child sponsorship letter from Bhubaneshwar (Bhubaneswar), India:

Dear Sponsors,

Children from Bhubaneshwar, IndiaGreetings from SOS Children’s Village Bhubaneswar!

Once again a half of the year passed and we are sure you were looking forward to receive information of SOS Children’s Village Bhubaneswar. It’s our pleasure to be a channel in between you and SOS Children’s Village Bhubaneswar to make a strong bond of relationship.


In the last 20 years the village has been a home for 300 children of whom 155 are presently under our care. 42 young girls are staying in rented accommodation, institutional hostel and boarding school. Two girls were married and one girl is blessed with a son recently.   Regular contacts are maintained between the children and their biological families.  All our efforts are becoming realistic only because of your continued support.


Twenty-one tiny tots are in the roll of our SOS Nursery school where 4 kids are from the village. Our SOS Nursery is beautifully designed and is a centre of attraction for our kids. Children are being used Kids’ computer for pronouncing alphabets, story making, using words in a small sentence and counting the numbers in musical styles.


During this year the children of our Village had a good time in summer. A yoga camp was organized in SOS School premises under the guidance of two trained youth girls. All the children participated in the programme in the early morning for one hour. We engaged reputed teachers and resource persons for taking classes for slow learners and outstanding children. Intelligence Test for children aged from 10 to 20 years was conducted by an eminent psychologist in the village. Our children too enjoyed the summer nature study camp and workshop on Arts, Crafts and creative writing arranged by Regional Museum of Natural History. Family outing was conducted for three day at Puri sea shore. A special outing and picnic was also organized for our youth girls, which was attended by 75 girls. The venue of picnic was Kankadahada a remote village in Dhenkanal district with the help of the local tribal community music, dance and painting classes are conducted on regular basis for overall development of our children.

Health Camp

In order to ensure good health for our children and mothers, timely vaccination and routine check ups are being followed. In summer vacation a Health camp was organized in the village. A team of doctors from pediatric, skin, Eye and Gynecology along with a staff nurse and the Patient Relation Officer from Near Hospital managed the camp.

Village Maintenance

The village is well maintained with lawns, mother and child statue in the entry point of the Village. Fruits trees like black berry, Mangoes, Papaya, Banana, Pine apple, jackfruits, Guava and varieties of flowers enchanted our sponsors and guests. This year, we had plenty of jackfruits and mangoes. Birds’ shelter housed colored birds and volunteers cared them well.

Thank you so much for helping us to make these possible.  May God plentifully reward your and your loved dear and near ones for your most generous contribution and good will towards our SOS Organization.

With warm regards,

SOS Children's Village Bhubaneshwar


An SOS Children’s Village consists of a group of family homes each with an SOS mother and a family of sponsored children.