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When you sponsor a child with SOS Children, you will receive updates twice a year directly from the country you are sponsoring in. Here is an example child sponsorship letter from Pakse, Laos:

Dear Sponsor,

SOS Nursery School Pakse LaosAccording to the world situation economic and financial crisis, it’s seriously impact to the living condition to all countries around the world and also in Laos. Therefore, your support and contribution for us it is very necessary and we can not continue our works without your support in order to extend stably our progress. Thus, we would like to report our implementation works as below:

Our SOS Children’s Village Pakse is located in front of the mountain about 1 km far from the village and surrounded by the beautiful nature. And inside our village we have planted large green grasses, fruit trees (mangos, tamarind, bananas, papaya…) flowers, vegetables and other ornamental trees to create a beautiful and colorful environment of the village in which 114 children are living and growing up in the familial atmosphere full of love, respect and security.

Youth Home and Dormitory

Our youth group of 20 boys is living with joy and ardor at their youth house which is located 5 km far from the village. They are active to learn from their youth leader the responsibility for own self and how to stand on their foot in the future: they cook for themselves and take turn to market for having the fresh food; they live in clean habit such cleaning inside and surrounding the youth house to prevent some infectious diseases (Malaria, Dengue fever, Diarrhea..) on weekend activities; they plant the flowers trees for the ornament of the youth house to have a good feeling to live comfortable and being well. They learn to work by doing the vegetables garden and feeding the chicken. They could relax by joining the sport such football, volley ball, rattan ball and betanque which is the most popular now in the facility. However they have to reach their goal as to complete their education and pay concentration on learning with help from their strong youth leader. At the moment 20 youth boys are in different grade from 3rd to 6th year of secondary level. For the boys on weak learning, the SOS school has arranged for them the additional classes on main subjects in every Saturday morning. For this academic year 2009-10 almost of our youth boys have a passable and satisfied school results.

In weekends they have visited their respective SOS family at least once a month and vice versa their SOS mothers paid visit for them at youth house and at school dormitory. Sometimes the children from youth house and school dormitory had an occasion to visit the historic sites (Watphou monument),  the important places and especially the Drugs Control relief Centre which could make them to be aware of drugs and stay far away from it.

On April 14th the Lao New Year was celebrated with joy and following by Lao traditional culture: The great ceremony was meaningful with participation of 5 monks from different temples and from honorable provincial SOS committees. Then, the programme was pursued in the morning by a Baci ceremony to conserve the Lao custom of our ancestors, to wish each other to have good luck and throw the bad things far away. Afternoon all children and mothers went to pagoda, poured the Buddha images with the prepared perfume water in nine temples in Pakse district which our Lao people believe that will bring good luck and peaceful life.  On 1st June the International Children’s Day was celebrated in the village with participation from the provincial SOS committee. Our village Director, Mr Bouakhay Keophoxay presented the history of the International Children’s Day for honorable guests, children, mothers and co-workers. Then, the programme was followed by a entertainment performance from our children and playing games. The atmosphere on that day was very happy, excited and interesting.

SOS Nursery

In academic year we received 113 kids in according on the large demand from the surrounding community in which there were 3 from ours and 5 scholarship children who were taken care of by our SOS mothers.

Many activities of our SOS Nursery were joined outside with other schools which were leaded by the educational department of district such as: sports competition, drawing and painting and our SOS kids won the 1st prize, the second and the congratulations prizes.

Dear Friends and Sponsor, on behalf of all of our children, mothers and everyone here, allow us to take this occasion to express our hearty thanks and great gratitude for your generous and continuous support which is very meaningful for our all children to have a good future. From our side we try all our best for the development of SOS Children’s Village Pakse as far as for our children capable to stand on their foot by own self. Hereby we would like to wish all of you have a strong health, success in your works and a peaceful life.

Yours Sincerely,

SOS Children's Village Pakse


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