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Sponsor a child in Eastern Europe

sponsor a child in Bulgaria

Despite relative prosperity, many children across Europe are not able to live with their biological parents - sometimes due to neglect, homelessness, abuse or poverty. SOS Children has been caring for vulnerable children in Europe for over 60 years. 

Today, we care for over 2000 children in nearly 40 SOS Children's Villages in Western and Eastern Europe. Our projects in Western Europe are funded by the country they are in. However, Children's Villages in Eastern Europe need your support. It is in these countries that you can sponsor a child, and give them a happy childhood and bright future.  

"It was fascinating to see the work the charity is doing out there – the homes are so comfortable and feel like really normal family homes, something which I'm sure some of these children had never experienced before coming here."

- Harriet, who sponsors a child in Ukraine.

Where can you sponsor a child in Europe?

If you'd like to sponsor a child in Eastern Europe, click on one of the countries on the map below. You can also follow this link to learn more about our work in Europe, which began in Austria after the Second World War to care for children who had lost their parents. 

Map of SOS Children's Villages in Eastern Europe Albania Belarus Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Northern Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Greece Hungary Kosovo Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Poland Romania Russia Serbia Ukraine

You can help a vulnerable child to have a flourishing life when you become a sponsor. 


Did you know? SOS Children has been working for children in Asia since 1965, providing charity care to children and families.