Sponsored Russian children

You can sponsor a child in Russia at any of our four villages: Tomolino, on the outskirts of Moscow, Lavrovo, in Oryol region, about 350km south of Moscow, Pushkin, 17km south of St Petersburg, and Kandalaksha 250km from Murmansk. The children who come to these villages are generally either living on the streets or in extremely run-down state orhpanages.

Sponsor a village in Russia

Village sponsorship would help cover the costs of some of our family strengthening programmes in the areas near the villages. In 2005 SOS Children in Russia took over the existing Foster Family Project in Murmansk to provide financial support for foster families to ensure that children who are in need of temporary placement find a home in a suitable family. This was followed by the development in the same year of our Family Strengthening Programme in the Murmansk region that supports the most vulnerable families with the aim of preventing children being abandoned. The Family Strengthening Programme gives families access to services that are essential for children’s development – education, nutritional food and medical help. The programme also helps families become financially independent. The need is great because so many new-born babies are being abandoned in maternity hospitals.

Family Strengthening Programmes have also been developed to two districts of St Petersburg. These programmes offer support to families who are at risk of abandoning their children and enable children to grow within a caring family environment. SOS Children works with the local authorities and other service providers, supporting families, helping them care for their children and prevent abandonment.

SOS Children in Russia also works with the Moscow City Committee of Education to develop co-operative programmes to help prevent abandonment of children.


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